Base Week 4

This week my body turned against me. Traveling finally caught up with me and I was sick as a dog Sunday evening through Tuesday afternoon. Knowing that I’d be traveling all week, I headed into the office Monday and tried to get a few things done. By the afternoon I felt miserable, stopped at the Minute Clinic and spent the rest of the day on the couch. I missed my Body Fusion class, but I knew I had to stay home if I wanted any chance of getting better.

I lucked out with the cold weather, my first flight was canceled on Tuesday, and I was rescheduled for the 5:50 flight to Toronto. A small delay in travel plans, but I was able to sleep for 11 straight hours and felt so much better when I woke up. It was still negative degrees when I got up and I knew I wouldn’t be heading to the gym, or outside to run. So I invented my own workout and ran the basement for 20 minutes straight, about 2 miles. It wasn’t your typical workout, but when you’re sick and need to get something in, you do what you can.

I finally made it to Toronto and spent a lot of time on my feet, working the show and walking the city. I only took advantage of the hotel workout room once, and I’m pretty sure that’s all I could handle on the treadmill. It was a small workout room and got hot quickly, but I got three miles in before I headed out for dinner. I wish I had gotten a chance to run the city again, but it was just far too cold and dark.

The 80's called...they want their treadmill back.

The 80’s called…they want their treadmill back.

Monday: Sick

Tuesday: 2 Miles

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: 3 Miles

Friday: Off

Saturday: 3 Miles

Sunday: 6 Miles

Total Miles: 14 Miles

Saturday I had originally planned on running the Blizzard Busters 5k in Ashland, but after being sick all week and not running that much, I opted out of the 90 minute round trip drive and ran my own 5k around town. I headed out on the country roads and took advantage of the warm weather. I even had a few rain drops fall on me, something I’m typically not excited about in winter. I felt good and even though I passed on the race, I was glad I got a few miles in to test the waters.

Rainy, Saturday bliss

Rainy, Saturday bliss

Sunday was one of those days where your feet decide the run. It had snowed and rained overnight so the roads and sidewalks were covered with snow on top of ice on top of slush on top of snow. Footing was touch and go at times, and my Yak Trax kept getting weighed down with slush, but I was able to get into a decent pace once in a while. I had originally hoped for 3-4, thinking that I had fully recovered from being sick. After about a mile and a half in, I decided to run down town and see how many miles I could get in. I ran to the square and then headed back, dodging puddles and slush almost the entire way. I got back towards home and ended up at 5 miles, still feeling pretty good, I decided for one more before I headed back in for some lunch. Sunday’s run was the longest I’ve run by myself since last fall and I felt great. I probably could have run a few more miles, but I was starving, and well, food always wins.

One of my favorite views

One of my favorite views

This week definitely wasn’t what I had in mind, but when your body needs a break you listen. I’m hoping that I won’t get sick again for a while so I can focus on my mileage again. This week is another week of traveling, so I’ll be trying to run between shows and customer dinners. Also, if someone could send some warm weather down to Texas this week, I’d appreciate it!

Do you exercise when your sick, or sit it out? Rain or snow, which do you prefer?



2 thoughts on “Base Week 4

  1. Melissa (I Crashed the Web) says:

    Way to get back out there – hope you’re feeling better!
    How do you like your Yaktracks? I finally invested in a pair and am debating actually going outside for a run soon. Do they work okay in slush or ice? Or are they better in snow?

    • masher52 says:

      I love my YakTrax! I’ve had them for about 10 years, so I should probably replace them, but they’ve held up a long time. They work great in slush and ice, you just have to watch for when they get compacted with snow/slush. I never worry about slipping or falling when I wear them.

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