Base Week 3

This week was a challenge. I really thought I could get ahead and log some great miles, but unfortunately my body had other plans. I drove up to Detroit Sunday night, but luckily was able to get home just in time to make it to my Body Fusion class. All day I had been pushing a sore throat, but it had disappeared by that evening, so I thought nothing of it, and figured it was from the dry air in the hotel.

Tuesday I had a show in the morning, but luckily it was in Cleveland so I was able to get to the gym on my regular day. However, my legs were feeling pretty tired and I struggled to keep my eyes open most of the run. I assumed I was worn out from the show last week, back to back runs over the weekend, and then more shows this week. So I decided to take Wednesday as a rest day and let my body recover. I never felt so guilty for switching a workout day, but my body thanked me by an amazing workout Thursday night. I ran a mock 5k and negative split the entire thing and keeping my miles at a sub 9:00 pace. I was completely surprised and realized that my body just needed a break.

The weekend was rough though, my sore throat kept coming back and I started to feel my nose getting stuffed up. Saturday we were under a Level 2 Snow Emergency and I debated if I should attempt to drive to the gym, or head out on the streets. I decided to stay close to home and bundled up in about 80 layers. The roads were covered in snow and the sidewalks weren’t any better. Footing was difficult to find and after about a half mile in, I started to struggle. I had too many layers on and my legs and heart couldn’t keep up. I knew it would be a short run based on how tired my legs already were from jumping around snow drifts, but once my chest started to tighten up, I knew I had to head in. I wasn’t satisfied with the run, but knew it was for the best.

Sunday we were finally out of Level 2, but the roads were still really bad. I decided to head out on the country roads because I knew they’d be empty, and they were actually cleaner that the development. I was feeling a lot better than Saturday and ended up with negative splits. I’m not sure what got into me, but the run definitely made up for Saturday’s disappointment.

Monday: Body Fusion Class – 30 minutes of lifting/abs/squats & 30 minutes of yoga

Tuesday: 3 Miles

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: 3 Miles

Friday: Off

Saturday: 1.75 Miles

Sunday: 3 Miles

Total Miles: 10.75 Miles

Just me and the road

Just me and the road

Mileage was low this week, but at least I still got miles in. My body was worn down and on the verge of getting sick, which is how I’m feeling now. This next week will be interesting. I’ll be traveling to Toronto Tuesday through Friday, and I don’t think the workout room was actually inside the hotel, but rather around the block. And considering I’m feeling pretty miserable, I’m not sure how much working out I’ll be doing.

Did you run outside this weekend? Where do you draw the line on weather conditions?

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