November Rewind

November is over and it sure went by quick! This time of  year I can barely keep track of the days because life gets so busy. November was all about getting settled in our new home, attempting to get back into some sort of workout plan and gearing up for the holidays. I’ll keep this one short and sweet, no need to bore you with the details of how much I slacked off.

Miles run: 10

Miles biked: 2

Books read: Once a Runner…

Recipes: Spaghetti Squash & Cream Cheese Squares

My lack of working out is almost embarrassing. I did more than October, but not by much. I’ve enjoyed running outside after work, but I’ve kept it relatively short. I’m also struggling to get to the gym after work, mostly because it isn’t until at least 7:30-7:45 until I start working out and by the time I get home it’s almost 9. My evenings are limited, so spending most of my night at the gym isn’t always ideal.

However, I was productive in the kitchen this past month. I  finally made something with that spaghetti squash I’ve been thinking about for quite some time. And surprisingly, we loved it. I could see this  becoming a staple in our kitchen, and it’s a bonus that it’s healthy. I also tried cream cheese squares, a recipe I got from a co worker and it was a huge hit at Thanksgiving. Slowly I’m becoming the queen of the kitchen…

So November wasn’t as fit as I had originally hoped, but it’s a start. If anything I finally made an attempt at some recipes and can expand our weekly menu. My goals for December definitely include getting back into shape and creating more masterpieces in the kitchen!

How was your November? What spaghetti squash recipes have you tried?


2 thoughts on “November Rewind

  1. gedert014 says:

    I’ve never tried spaghetti squash but it sounds really good! I was ridiculously lazy during November and I’m hoping to keep the holiday run streak going. Since I failed last year 🙂

    • masher52 says:

      It’s really tasty, we just used butter and parmesan cheese, but you can use spaghetti sauce, alfredo sauce and many other combinations. It takes an hour to cook, but it is really easy.

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