Weekly Fitness Update

Week one of getting back into working out is complete and it felt great. After a month off, I could tell my body was craving some time on the pavement and I’m excited to be getting back into shape. I can already tell that I’m losing that blah feeling and starting to feel like my normal self again. This week was really easy, but I also didn’t feel guilty about not making every workout. We’ve only been in our house for two weeks, so unpacking took time over spending an hour at the gym. Call it selfish, but I can’t live out of boxes forever.

Monday: 1 mile (outside) & lifted

Tuesday: 1.5 miles (indoor track) & 2 miles (stationary bike)

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: Off

Friday: Off

Saturday: 2 Miles (outside)

Sunday: Off

Total Miles: 4.5 Miles (Running) & 2 Miles (Cycling)

I was able to get outside twice this week, which was great. I started the week slow, but by Saturday I was down to a 9:3x mile pace. As long as I keep up this schedule, I should be back to my regular pace and distance in no time.

Goals for this week include more time on the bike, attend yoga or do yoga at home and run further.

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