October Rewind

October wasn’t your typical month, and so the review should reflect that. I only ran once in the month of October, and while I completely enjoyed chasing daylight along my favorite path, I knew it was best for me to take some time off. Recovering from ongoing planter fascistic and just plain feeling burnt out, distance (away) makes the heart grow fonder of running and I’m ready to jump back in.

These runs are my favorite

These runs are my favorite

October was a crazy month of stress, overworking and an emotional pull in every direction. If you missed my last post, then I’ll catch you up. We bought a house! A quicker than expected decision, followed by our closing date being changed three times, and honestly, I’m so glad that it’s finally over. But really I couldn’t be more excited. I’m absolutely in love with our house, our huge deck and the fenced in yard that will *hopefully* one day contain a dog.

Home is where the heart is

Home is where the heart is

You could say I’m borderline obsessed with our newest purchase, but I’m just thrilled that I don’t have to pack up and change apartments every year. We love Medina, and are looking forward to our next chapter of life, out in the country.

So there’s October, a month off running, but a month of preparing ourselves for the next stage in life. I’m looking forward to November, and getting back into running. But even more so, I’m excited that the Christmas countdown is on!

How was your October? Any goals for November? Starting the countdown to Christmas?

One thought on “October Rewind

  1. gedert014 says:

    I’m looking forward to not following a training plan and just relaxing for this month! I also love winter running so I’m pretty pumped for it to get colder soon (maybe that makes me weird).
    So excited for your new house!

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