August Rewind

August was a quick month, and I’m excited to say that I’m ready for fall. I’m ready for the cooler temperatures, the leaves changing and warm cups of coffee no matter what time of day. August definitely wasn’t perfect, but it wasn’t boring either. Let’s take a look back….

Miles run: 64

Races run: 1, Buehler’s Heart & Sole Half Marathon

Miles biked: 0

Books read: Once a Runner…made it to the 100’s!

Places traveled: 0

We might as well start with the elephant in the room. Those miles are no where near the 100 I had hoped for. I made it half way through the month and ended up with some foot pain. While this is still a mystery of how it happened over night, it’s something that is still bothering me. I cut back my miles drastically after running a half marathon on an injured foot. Outside of the pain, the race was great, but probably not the smartest thing I’ve done. I took a complete week off and attempted to get back into things. The pain isn’t gone, my endurance is dwindling, and well, this marathon I’m supposed to run is still a giant question. Along with some big races I had hoped to run afterward… (don’t bother checking the 2013 race schedule, they’re not up there)

As for my bike. It’s found a great home in the garage, and it has a close companion of my mountain bike that joined it this summer. Yoga also joined this group, I haven’t been to class in two months. Summer was busy and life happens. I’m hoping that I can get back into my yoga, because I actually miss it. And, well. I’ll still think about that bike.

And while we’re on the topic of the not so fun things of August, we might as well throw in the final closing of my favorite coffee shop. That’s right, Caribou Coffee is closing it’s doors on the Eastern side of the US. I knew this was coming for a while, but my very last store was shut down on September 1st. It may seem silly to be upset about a coffee shop closing, but I spent a lot of time there. From Friday nights in high school, to visits with friends while we were home from college, to studying for the GMAT and writing papers for my MBA. From friendships and first dates, to my own time to get away, Caribou held a big spot in my heart. I’m slowly opening up to Starbucks and Peet’s, but no one will ever make a Campfire Mocha like Caribou.

Until next time...

Until next time…

But enough of the Debbie downer things that occurred. I’m excited to share that there were good things that happened in August, like one of my closest friends getting married. My dear friend Elayna married her fiance after 9.5 years of dating. That’s a long time, you guys! It was a  beautiful day filled with so much love, and I couldn’t be more excited for them.

With the beautiful bride

With the beautiful bride

I have no idea what September will bring or what I’ll be able to run. I wish I was more excited that it’s marathon month, but time will show what’s in store, and hopefully I’ll be able to finish another 26.2 miles.


How was your August? Anything excited happen?

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