Run Rave, Summer Runs

I’ve spent a lot of time running this summer, which means I’ve had a lot of time to figure out which clothes and fuels work best for those long, hot runs. Even though summer will be winding down soon, I wanted to share what I’ve grown to love.

Oiselle Roga Shorts

These shorts are absolutely perfect for those hot, sweaty long runs. The material doesn’t stick to you and keeps  you cool whether it’s sweat or rain. Plus, with a pocket in the front and in the back, you have plenty of room to hold everything you need. These are my new go to shorts.

Nike G87 tank


I love this tank. It’s long enough that it doesn’t ride up during runs, but also light enough that it doesn’t weigh down when you start to sweat. Even better, no  matter how many times you wash it, it doesn’t shrink or feel too tight when you put it back on. Permanent tank tan from this top, most definitely.

Honey Stinger waffles

Colorado provides another product I’m in love with. Honey Stinger waffles are perfect to refuel with something light during the long run. The taste isn’t overpowering and they’re easy to chew mid run. They’re also organic, which is great for anyone who’s looking for healthier fueling foods. My favorite flavor? Lemon, of course!

ProCompression socks

I’ve been a fan of ProCompression socks for quite some time. I always use them for my longer distance races and recovery post long runs. I can’t imagine how my legs would feel if I didn’t wear these. I love that they have a variety of colors and have a sale each month. I may or  may not have at least 8 pairs. This month’s specialty sock is Royal Blue. Save 40% off at checkout with the code BLUE.

Road ID App

I’m so thankful for my Road ID, and hope I never have to depend on it. I wear it every single time I run outside. But what happens if the band breaks or it gets lost? Road ID has now created an app for your smart phone. You can have all of  your emergency information, and activate the function that allows your emergency contacts to track your run. Just another way of keeping you safe on the roads or trails.

So there you have it, just some of the latest products I’m liking. Some are perfect for summer, and some for all year long. Make sure to check them out, you never know, you may love them too!

2 thoughts on “Run Rave, Summer Runs

  1. Melissa says:

    So glad I’m not the only one with a million pairs of Pro Compression socks. Somehow I’ve justified it to myself that I need them in every.single.color!

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