Akron Marathon Training: Week One

Week one is officially in the books, and I’m still a little surprised that I’m training for another marathon. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect this week considering my mileage has been pretty low going into training. I figured I’d give it all I had and see what I could do. Monday’s easy 4 was just that. I ran a familiar out and back and included a half mile incline on my way back in. I felt strong and it was the perfect run to kick off training.

Wednesday’s tempo run was a bit challenging. To make sure I kept my pace even, I headed to the track. Unfortunately, once I started to run, I had the instant feeling that I needed to go fast. I was supposed to stay at 9:49, but didn’t even come close. To bring my pace down, I decided to head for the streets. I was still going pretty quick until I got lost, and then suddenly my pace dropped as I crept around trying to find my way back to the main road. I finally made my way back and finished up on the track, still under the 9:49 pace. These tempo runs will be one of the harder things during this training cycle, because I’m horrible at pacing. But I know how important they are, and hopefully one day I’ll figure them out.

I followed up my tempo run with Yoga on Thursday, with a focus on legs. I could feel my muscles burning and left knowing I had a good workout. My long run was tricky this weekend. I had a bachelorette party to attend Saturday night, so I knew if I ran that morning, I’d never stay awake. I had thought about running Friday night, but after a long work week I found myself on the couch with a glass of wine. I pushed the run to Sunday and looking back, it wasn’t the smartest idea. I was extremely tired and thirsty, but still met up with a friend to run the first three miles. They were slow and we both struggled. It was about 83 degrees and the worst time of day to run. I knew that this run wouldn’t be easy. I finished up the last part on my own and thought running the additional seven wouldn’t seem as daunting. Not even a mile in I was sweating more than I ever thought I could. The miles continued and I kept feeling worse. By the time I made it to mile 5, I knew I couldn’t do that much more. I made my way back home and felt extremely disappointed in myself.

Monday: 4 Miles

Tuesday: Off

Wednesday: Tempo Run-6 Miles, 9:00, 9:39, 9:22, 10:45, 9:28, 9:18

Thursday: Yoga

Friday: Off

Saturday: Off

Sunday: 6.5 Miles

Total Miles: 16.5 Miles

So in review, the first half of the week was great. I hit all my miles and I kept a decent pace. The second half of the week, not so much. Just for fun I looked back at the past few weeks of my runs to see how I compared. I actually ran more miles this week than the last two combined. It’s not saying much, but I think my body took a toll from amping up my mileage. I’ll need to take a look at these first few weeks and possibly cut back on the weekday mileage if I want to last for my long run. Also, I don’t recommend saving your long run for Sunday night, especially the day after a bachelorette party.

This next week brings my first speed workout, which I am actually really excited for. I’ll also have a normal weekend so I can get my long run done at a normal time.

What I learned:

  • Don’t go overboard on mileage if you’re not ready. I went from running 6-8 miles a week to over 16. The increase is way too much and can cause injury. There’s not point in pushing myself to the high mileage so quickly if I can’t benefit from the workouts.
  • Stay hydrated! I’ve been really good about staying hydrating during the week. This weekend, I failed miserably. The weather is finally staying in the 80’s so staying hydrated is key!
  • Tempo runs are challenging, but the feeling after finishing them is awesome!

Have you recently started a training cycle? What are your tips?

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