Flying Pig Half Training: Week Ten

This week was a total mix. I started off the week by switching my Monday/Tuesday run. Monday was my birthday, so I had a few things planned for after work. It ended up being an absolutely beautiful spring day, and I almost regretted not waking up early to run before work. And then I remembered how much I love sleep. Tuesday’s run was great. Over the past few weeks I’ve found about 10+ parks that are within 10 minutes of my home, so of course my plan was to check these out. I wasn’t familiar with the park or surrounding neighborhood, so I just followed one of the paths. The one I took ended up in a housing development, so it wasn’t exactly a park run, but the neighborhood was new to me so it went by quick. Once I got back, I had about a half mile left until the 3 mile mark. I followed another path and found it was exactly what I was looking for, a wide paved path between trees and beautiful green grass. I’m really excited to come back and run there again, and check out the other parks.

I also switched my Wednesday/Thursday run, so I could spend two hours on Thursday sweating it out. And then 5:00 Thursday came. I have a history of bad migraines, and they always start with tunnel/blurred vision. So when my vision was becoming spotty around 5:00, I knew I was pretty much down for the count. About 45 minutes later, I finally got my vision back and I was able to leave work. I chugged a ton of water and tried to eat a snack. I did a short run around the neighborhood hoping that the fresh air would help. It didn’t. Within 10 minutes of finishing my run, I was feeling worse. I decided to skip yoga and try to get rid of the horrible headache. By 8:00 I was finally feeling a little better so I did some living room yoga. I only lasted about a half hour and was back to laying on the couch.

The weekend however was filled with lots of running and racing! Saturday night I had my first trail 10k and it was such a great experience, I cannot wait to share the recap of this race. I followed it up with another race just 12 hours later. Both recaps will be coming up this week.

Monday: Off

Tuesday: 3 Miles

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: 1.5 Miles, Living Room Yoga

Friday: Off

Saturday: Yeti Set Go! 10k

Sunday: Love A Stray Fur Fun 5k

Total Miles: 15 Miles

I had a decent number of miles this week and I felt really strong. I’m looking to stay hydrated this week, as well as eat and sleep well. It may be the end of a training cycle, but it’s just the beginning of a great season of racing! Only 6 days until Flying Pig!

Also, great job to all of those who ran Eugene Marathon yesterday! Wonderful to hear about so many PR’s and BQ’s!

Did you race this weekend? Are you racing Flying Pig or have you in the past? Any tips?

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