Flying Pig Half Training: Week Six

The more I think about this week, I’ve realized it was a necessary evil. It started off strong with my Monday night 3 miler. Each week I’ve seen my pace quicken on these runs, and I can tell it shows in my racing. But that was the only good run I had all week. Wednesday afternoon I started to feel like I was dragging. I was completely exhausted and struggled to make it to the gym. My pace was around 9:15, clearly something was off. By Thursday morning a plague was going around our home and both Darren and I were getting sick. I had no energy and unfortunately had to skip Yoga-lates. I even passed up on the Medina Country Road Runners meeting I’d been hoping to attend. I was in a fog, had a temperature, and my nose was running a whole lot more than I was. But now that this sickness is on its way out, I can focus on running again. I was mentally and physically worn down, and it caught up to me. Running wasn’t wearing me down, but outside influences weren’t letting me enjoy my runs.

Now I’m ready to get back in the gym, I’m ready to spend an hour sweating out everything and leaving with an refreshed mind. I’m craving a long outdoor run and hill repeats. I needed to get sick, so that I could start fresh on everything. I have 5 weeks left until Flying Pig. Not only will these weeks be important to the race, but they’ll set the tone on my summer workouts.

Monday: 3 Miles

Tuesday: Off

Wednesday: 2 Miles

Thursday: Sick

Friday: Sick

Saturday: Sick

Sunday: Sick

Total Miles: 5 Miles

This next week brings a fresh start in training, and also a new month to rack up those miles. I’ve got a 5k this weekend that I’m really excited for. We’ll see if another PR is in these legs.

How was your week? Are you glad April is finally here?

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