Flying Pig Half Training: Week Two

This week was filled with ups and downs, both personally and running wise. I started out the week well, I was hitting my miles and getting a bunch of cross training done. Wednesday ended up as my best day. I gave everything I had on my run and followed up with some hardcore ab and lifting workouts. I felt great and hoped it would set  me up for a good weekend. Unfortunately that all changed Saturday morning, when a race I had hoped to run, ended up never being put together. Information was online and up to date, but when I showed up around 8:30 Saturday, all that I found was an empty parking lot covered in snow.

Where is everyone?

Where is everyone?

I ended up turning around, went home and mapped out a new plan for the day. I was feeling good, a little mentally let down, but I was excited to get 6 miles in. Within a matter of 30 seconds after starting my run, the weather turned for the worse and it was nearly impossible to keep my head up to see. I remapped my plan to try for 4 miles outside, and finish up with 2 on the indoor track and maybe get some cycling in. Right before 2 miles, I started feeling a pain in my ankle, so much and so rapidly, I turned around, cut out the back way and finished my run short. I got home and hit a low point, I kept beating myself up over a bad run, and then rebelling starting to figure out a plan to get it done the next day. When Sunday rolled around and I had pain in my knee, I knew it was best to actually take my rest day. My long run was a failure, but I was listening to my body, something I ignored way too much last year. I now know that I’m running on my left leg differently. I was babying my knee for so long, that I’ve placed other joints at risk. It also didn’t help that I was running on snow, so my footing was different than usual. As frustrating as it was, I knew I did the right thing by getting off my feet and taking it easy the rest of the weekend.

Monday:Rest Day

Tuesday: 3 Mile Run

Wednesday: 2 Mile Run, 2.85 Miles Cycling

Thursday: Rest Day

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: 3.35 Miles

Sunday: Rest Day

Total Miles: 8.35 Miles Run, 2.85 Mile Cycling

It wasn’t my best week, but I can’t go into another race being completely hurt. I’m hoping this is just a bump in the road and this next week will be absolutely great for my training. It’s my first week of yoga-lates, so I’m hoping this will help to perk up my attitude and I can finish the week with a smile.

Have you ever let a bad run ruin your weekend? How do you recover from a bad run?

2 thoughts on “Flying Pig Half Training: Week Two

  1. cisforcourtney says:

    I can totally relate with the mental letdowns. Once that happens it can be super hard to refocus for the day.

    Sometimes after a bad run I try to find a place in my schedule where I can rework it into my schedule. Not sure if I will be able to do that with this long run that I bailed on after the 5k yesterday, but I’ll try!

    As I’m typing this it appears as thought you tweeted about having an awesome run approx. 27 minutes ago. Sounds like you are off to a great start this week! Keep that chin up lady! 😀

    • masher52 says:

      Thanks! Bad runs happen and I can’t let that ruin an entire week of training. I’m determined to have a better week this week. And yes, I had an awesome run!

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