January Rewind

January has come and gone, and much quicker than I would have liked. The first two  months of the year are my busiest with work so it’s only normal that my monthly review is a few days late. For 2013 I wanted to try something new, and by doing a monthly recap I can check in on my goals and see just how much work I’ve done or need to do. Let’s check out January…


Miles run: 20

Races run: 1 (3M Half Marathon)

Books read: 2.5 (The Next Best Thing, The Last Song, 50 Shades of Grey-partially complete)

Places traveled: 3 (Austin, TX, Las Vegas, NV, and Toronto, Canada)

Sickness: 2 (Flu and sinus/head cold)

Languages learned: 0

Unnecessary purchases cut down: Yes

New recipes: 0


A whole bunch of numbers, and what does it really mean? I didn’t run much, but I needed that break. I was able to run another half marathon and had one of the best race experiences yet. I traveled a bunch for work, which meant I was able to get a ton of reading done on the planes. My take so far on 50 Shades is it’s poorly written, and I’m definitely not hooked on it like many other women.

Traveling a lot meant I easily caught the flu bug followed by another week of a head cold. Insert lack of running and excess of more reading. Needless to say that feeling sick didn’t give me the urge to try any new recipes in the kitchen.

Still haven’t picked up any German, but thinking of trying Rosetta Stone to see if it would be beneficial or not. And as for unneccsary purchases, I traveled more than I was able to shop. And the only time I did spend some money was towards my car. Not so unnecessary.

February brings less traveling, and hopefully some more running. I’m also looking into some lifestyle changes with my eating habits and my training. More to come on that.


How was your January?

One thought on “January Rewind

  1. cisforcourtney says:

    I’m glad that February will be a much calmer month for you. Also, I’m hoping the death plagues avoid you too – healthy thoughts your way. Thanks for writing this post. It inspired me to get back on track with goal posts.

    Also, I’ve always wanted to go to Canada…

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