2012 In Review

It’s the last day of 2012, so it’s time to look back and reflect all that has happened in the last 12 months. Here’s a look at 2012:

  • I traveled for work, a lot. I was able to visit Vegas, Toronto x 2, Dallas, Wisconsin, and New Orleans
  • I got a promotion!
  • I ran my first out of state half marathon even after getting altitude sickness
  • I ran a birthday race & received the best gift, a PR!
  • I ran some other PR’s…Adult 5k, 5 Mile, Half Marathon, & Marathon!
  • I ran for Diabetes
  • I moved to the country
  • I lost a family pet
  • I ran 5 half marathons, 9 total to date!
  • I ran a marathon, 26.2!
  • I vacationed in Colorado, and confirmed my love for the state
  • I became a Sweat Pink Ambassador
  • I ran 609 miles
  • We joined a gym, time to cross train and lift some weights

It was a wonderful year, so many memories, and so many running accomplishments. I had goals and plans set at the beginning of the year. I was able to accomplish some, but not all. That’s what 2013 is for, right?

2012 Goals

  • Run a PR for the half marathon-Done, three times!
  • Run a full marathon (I’m taking the plunge!!)-Done, can’t wait for my next!
  • Run four half marathons in four new states-Nope, only one
  • Run seven half marathons-Nope, only five
  • Travel!-Yes! Lots of traveling!
  • Volunteer at races-Nope, really need to do this one
  • Try a duathlon-Nope
  • Raise and donate money for the American Diabetes Association-Yes, Cleveland Half was all about running for Diabetes
  • Learn German-Nope, still only a few words
  • Learn to cook…no more pasta diet-Work in progress…

What did you do in 2012? Favorite memories?

3 thoughts on “2012 In Review

  1. Dan says:

    Looks like you succeeded both in raw numbers and in the purpose behind the running. Glad to see that it’s not just about accumulating races and more about what it means to knock out each mile.

    Hope 2013 is another excellent year for you 🙂

  2. cisforcourtney says:

    Way to pull off those PR’s all year long! I know you’ve been feeling a little burned out lately. Sometimes when I feel that way I go back and read my PR race recaps. Helps reignite that fire!

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