Sport Beans Review

If I had to choose one thing to eat before and during all runs, it would have to be Sport Beans. They have been my go to snack during long runs and many races. Recently I was able to try all flavors that they currently sell, and I was pretty much in Heaven. Sport Beans have been a product that I’ve been using for quite some time, however, I am a creature of habit and tend to only eat a few select flavors. This was the perfect time to try out a few of the other flavors and see if I could find a new favorite.

I discovered Sport Beans after a co-worker mentioned he used them when he went biking. After finding them at an expo, and realizing they were from the makers of Jelly Belly’s, I was totally sold without a sample. Of course my first time trying these out was with Lemon Lime and I fell in love. Call the rest history, this was my go to treat.

Fast forward to marathon training, I decided that the variety pack would be best for me. Each time I took a bite, I would have a different flavor, therefore eliminating the possibility I would get burnt out on my pre/during/post run snack. It worked, and there were a number of times that the beans helped me during training and throughout the race.

Over the past couple weeks I’ve had a chance to try out each flavor and find which ones I’ll be stocking up on, and which ones I’ll leave on the shelf.

Sport Bean Flavors

Sport Bean Flavors

Sport Beans Flavors include: Berry, Fruit Punch, Lemon Lime, Orange, Assorted, Extreme Cherry, and Extreme Watermelon. The Extreme flavors have the added touch of caffeine, perfect for those early morning runs.

Was I able to find a new favorite? No, I’m forever stuck on Lemon Lime products, but I’ve definitely added to the flavors I’ll be stocking up on. Here’s what I thought about each flavor.

Berry: I was afraid this would have a strong grape flavor, but it didn’t. It had a strong taste of mixed berries, which is actually something I love.

Fruit Punch: I’ve used this one a lot in some of my longer runs, so I usually have it stocked. Bonus, 5% of sales are donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Lemon Lime: LOVE, it’s bold and has a fun kick to the taste. I think I have at least three packs of these at home.

Orange: I just can’t do orange, I tried, but it will be a flavor I will never get into.

Assorted: Perfect way to try multiple flavors without getting sick of the same one. I will always have stock of this one.

Extreme Cherry: It reminded me of the cherry suckers I used to get from the bank. I’ve never been a cherry person, but for someone who loves cherry, this is perfect for them.

Extreme Watermelon: The taste was light and fresh, and I was honestly surprised by how much I actually liked it. Plus the added caffeine I think definitely helps for those tired runs.

Whether you’ve tried Sport Beans or not, I think they’re a great product and it’s something I’ll be using for a long time. They’re easy to carry on runs, and they’re easy to digest, something I always take into account. And with the range of flavors they offer, there is something for everyone. Interested in learning more, or want to find out where you can purchase your own? Check them out here!

*Disclaimer: I was given Sport Beans to try on my on time. All opinions are my own and not persuaded in any direction by an outside source.

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