3M Half Training: Week 4

Just like always, this week didn’t go as planned. It felt more of an extreme with training than a regular week. The week started off slow with cross training mixed in, one day of short mileage, then ramped up and was just plain hard on Saturday. But this week also taught me a lot. I’m quickly learning that we need to join a gym asap! With one treadmill, elliptical and stationary bike in a small 10 x 10 room, it makes it hard to have personal space. It’s even worse when there are more than three people in the workout room, waiting to have their turn on the equipment.

This led me to biking 7 short miles on Wednesday. The other machines were taken and soon there was a line waiting for all of us to leave. This definitely gets rid of all motivation for a good workout. Needless to say the motivation to join a gym has risen quite a bit and that will be this weeks main goal. Luckily I was able to get a short run in on Thursday to prep myself for Saturday’s race.

Saturday’s run was completely opposite from the earlier workouts, it was hilly, hard and took a lot out of me. At least I know I’m capable of running a half marathon now, with my not so good training so far. But, I didn’t do the proper recovery routine and I paid for it, I wasn’t feeling myself until Sunday night. Look for my recap coming this week…



Wednesday: 7.25 Miles-stationary bike

Thursday: 3 Miles


Saturday: 13.1 MilesTour de Ashland Half Marathon


Total Miles: 7 Biked, 16 Ran

So a little bit of cross training and a little bit of hills. Not my best week, but certainly not my worse. I’m officially done with the 2012 race season, and will spend the next month reviewing my 2013 schedule. I thought a lot about what I want out of next year, and hopefully I’ll make the right choices race wise. I also broke 600 miles for 2012, not bad!

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