Country Runs

As much as I’d like to share my marathon experience with everyone, it will have to wait a few days. I’m still taking in every moment from this weekend, including the pain that will most likely be in my legs all week. But I’ve been sitting on this post for a while, and wanted to get it out before the seasons changed and we lose all the beauty of fall. I’ve always loved that I lived so close to Lake Erie, it’s been such a beautiful sight to see the water and the city of Cleveland in the background. When we moved I was totally a little upset that I’d be leaving my beautiful city and my peaceful long runs along the lake.

Luckily I’ve been pleasantly surprised. Once September rolled around the leaves started to change and the beauty of the country roads I was running on really came out. I fell in love with every long run, partially because the routes I was running were so beautiful. The hills may have been a torture, but it was worth it for the pictures. I’m even looking forward to country runs in the winter to see the beautiful snow on everything. I’m starting to embrace my life outside of the big city, and loving these moments in the country.

Enjoy these last few days with leaves on the trees, winter will be here soon!

Lake Medina

The perfect path

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