Columbus Marathon Training: Week 13

This week was progress, but not as much as I had hoped. With a busy start to the week, I knew I’d have to push some workouts around. While they may have been short, I was able to get two solid workouts done during the week. I’m starting to like having a 3-4 mile run one day and a short, speedy 2 mile run another day. I’m able to focus on my pace with the longer run and focus on speed with the shorter. May not be what my training schedule has for me, but it’s been working so far.  At least I think so. I’m also able to keep weekday mileage low so I can get a good long run done on the weekend.

Monday: Rest Day

Tuesday: Rest Day

Wednesday: 3.5 Miles

Thursday: 2 Miles

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: 16 Miles

Sunday: Rest Day

Total Miles: 22  Miles

Saturday’s run was supposed to be an 18 miler. Last week’s fail made me even more determined to get out there and run my longest run yet. Unfortunately, Friday at about 4:00 I started to feel a fever coming on. Pretty bummed I’d be spending my weekend sick, so I figured I should get my run done first and then spend the rest of the time on the couch. Luckily I woke up Saturday feeling pretty decent, so I decided I’d stick it out and get my miles in. I started with the mid sized hills that I scared myself out of last week. They were tough like I had imagined, but I’m struggling to find flat land, so I sucked it up and went for them. I felt good, strong and didn’t stop at all. I’m not sure how or when it happened, but I’m getting better at hills, and I don’t dread them as much. Looking back, I may have run them too quick too…

What was even more impressive than the hills, was the views. Honestly, I’m finding the most beautiful scenery on my runs. I’d take pictures every two seconds if I could. It makes me excited for winter to see all the trees….snow covered….

After the hills, I found myself back on a familiar route to discover some more unknown streets later in the run. But by mile 6 I hit a wall. I knew this was too early to be drained, and it wasn’t like me to be this worn out so quickly. I told myself “I will run 18” and repeated it over, and over, and over. I managed to get back on a comfortable pace and suddenly was already at mile 11. I had 7 miles to go, the worst was over, I just had to coast in and I’d be ok. I made it to mile 14 and could feel my body wearing down, could I get another 4 miles in? By now I could feel my fever really heating up and my legs were sore as could be. I took time and did the whole walk/jog for about a mile, and realized my body was just shutting down. I turned towards home and came in at just about 16 miles. I thought a long time about going out for those last two miles, but the longer I waited, I knew I just could do it.

For the second weekend in a row, I was frustrated with my long run. I need to get 18 in before Columbus. Darren reminded me that I did 16 tough miles including hills, “that’s kind of like running 18.” There’s still a two mile difference, but those hills were killer, I know I worked hard and I felt it my entire run.

A little bit of hills

It may not have been my best run, but I know it will help me on race day. On the bright side, I had my biggest mileage month yet, 83 miles! And I reached over 500 miles for 2012, 507 to be exact. Not the highest of miles, but it’s a lot for me. Now I just have to keep a steady pace and get that last 18 miler in before the big day. Three weeks to go!

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