Marathon Thoughts

With less than a month left to go before the big day. I’ve really started to focus in on the fact that I am indeed going to run a marathon. It still seems surreal. Sometimes I can’t believe I’m running that far, and other times I feel like it’s just a half. Sometimes it hits me at the most inopportune moments, like when I’m driving. Most times it ends up  in a small panic attack, I feel sick to my stomach and wonder what I got myself into. Luckily, I’ve been able to  block everything out, all thoughts, stresses, concerns are out the door while running. It’s the time in between runs that gets me thinking….

  • What’s the weather going to be like on race day?
  • What should I wear? Should I get a new outfit? Yes!
  • Should I get a massage the day after the race or wait until that weekend?
  • Am I going to be hungry during the race? Should I bring Clif bars with me?
  • What if my iPod doesn’t work?
  • What if my Garmin stops?
  • How many friends can I get to join me in this race?
  • What happens if it starts to storm?
  • Am I really running 26.2 miles?
  • How many hills will I have to suffer through?
  • Why do I enjoy the long runs better than the short runs now?
  • What kind of time should I try for? Can I do it in under 5:00? Under 4:30?
  • What if I enjoy it too much? What if I become addicted?
  • How many times will I need to refill  my hand held?
  • What flavor Sport beans should I bring?
  • What should I get myself for a finishers gift?
  • Should I take a picture while running through The Shoe?
  • How did I become crazy enough to run a marathon?

What do you thinking about while running? Do you block out all thoughts when running?

3 thoughts on “Marathon Thoughts

  1. Christie says:

    I forgot my arm band to hold my ipod AND my hand held. That sh*t happens but I survived! Also – I would NOT recommend getting a massage the day after. Kimi and I were going to get pedis and a massage that Monday but the thought of someone even touching my legs made me cringe 🙂 I would wait a week. Good luck – you’ll do great!

  2. mojamala2 says:

    I think a lot when I am running but it helps to distract me and makes time go by faster. Sometimes when I think “OMG I’m running 26.2 miles” I start to freak out and second guess myself. So I distract myself and think of something else. I am a huge fan of day dreaming while running.

  3. cisforcourtney says:

    -check the weather, so you can dress accordingly
    -pick a warm & cool outfit in case weather changes, test run your race day outfit!
    -bring the fuel you’ve trained with, work out a fueling schedule. i eat something every 40-45 minutes.
    -if your ipod & garmin die, feed off the energy of the others around you & the crowd! (your garmin most likely won’t die, just make sure it’s fully charged!)
    -it started raining during my first marathon. it was a RELIEF because i was starting to get a little warm.
    -yep you ARE running all 26.2 miles! you’re going to have a blast!
    -the hills are just a bonus, you can cruise up them & ease down them!
    -you like long runs better than short runs… BECAUSE THEY ARE AWESOME!
    -i’m thinking well under 4:30 for you — just my thoughts! uhm, remember that awesome 1/2 you ran in CO?!
    -drink the water they give you at the aide stations, just have the handheld for in between. that way you don’t have to stop.

    hope some of these answers help.

    also, don’t think– just run!!! 🙂 🙂

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