Columbus Marathon Training: Week 6

This week was all about taking the doctor’s advice and really laying off on the miles. I’m still far enough away from race day that I can manage taking days off and it shouldn’t effect my race. I’m not going for time after all, just making it to that finish line. I didn’t get as many miles in as I had hoped, and I defintely didn’t cross train like I wanted, but there was no getting around it this week. Saturday I’ll be moving, so I’ve been packing up my apartment, visiting friends before I leave and getting ready for my trip to New Orleans, which is where I’m currently headed. Even my 9 hours of sleep I require is suffering, so you know I’ve been busy and stressed.

I’m also in that post injury scared zone. I had two good runs, they weren’t long, but I had no pain. First time since St. Malachi! I’m nervous that this will be a fluke, and it’s sure to come back once I hit over 5 miles. And if the pain does come back, how bad will it be? Will it be worse? Not as bad? Will I be done for the rest of the year? I can’t live in fear that I’m always going to have painful runs, I just need to run and deal with what happens.

Monday: Rest Day

Tuesday: Rest Day

Wednesday: 2 Miles

Thursday: Rest Day

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: 2.5 Miles

Sunday: Rest Day

Total Miles: 4.5 Miles

I’m down to 2.5 months left until the big day. I experienced my first pain free run in months, followed by a second. I need to embrace it, continue to be careful and make sure I take extra care of my body from now on. I can’t let myself keep getting hurt.

Next week I’ll be in New Orleans for three days. Luckily I’ll have some down time the first day, so I’m hoping to explore the city on a little run. Then over the second half of the week, I’ll be moving, so running will be a luxury. Here’s hoping I can get back into some heavy mileage.

2 thoughts on “Columbus Marathon Training: Week 6

  1. Elayna says:

    2 pain-free runs is just what a PT-friend would like to hear! Don’t you think? give those exercises a whirl for a few weeks solid and it might do your knee wonders šŸ™‚

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