Marathon Promises

Today is day one. The first of many in what is now becoming my next adventure, training for the Columbus Marathon. I’m still very unsure about the idea of running 26.2 miles, but I’m also excited to see just how far I can push myself and become an even better runner. To start myself on the right foot, I’ve made some promises.

  • Don’t over do it. This will be hard, but I’ll have to ease myself into the first couple of weeks. I can’t just jump into double digit runs before getting some good base miles in. I also don’t want to push myself too far where I’m in constant pain for miles. I’ll need to find a balance.
  • Cross train. I love my bike and I’ve neglected it some, so I need to spend some quality time with it. The only thing holding me back, is the fear of traffic. I’ll just have to ride smart and find the best routes for me.
  • Pay attention to pain. I’ve had knee pain since March, and have yet to see a doctor. Maybe that’s because it goes away, or maybe because I’m afraid to hear the words, “Stop running.” Either way, I need to pay attention to pain and aide it right away.
  • Build some muscle. Remember way back in the winter when I was lifting a small amount. I want to pick that back up. I want to tone my entire body, not just my legs. If my body is stronger, those miles may seem a little easier.
  • Eat healthier. I’m guilty when it comes to eating a poor diet. I’d live off pasta if I could. I’ve made small attempts at eating better, but I fall back into what’s quick and easy. This time I really want to stay on a good path. Goodbye ice cream and snacks.
  • Have fun. Honestly, this is most important. I’m only going to run one marathon, so I might as well enjoy it. It’s going to be an experience, and I may get frustrated, upset, emotional, etc… But the feeling after crossing that finish line in October will be like no other. So I’m going to have fun.

And it begins. 111 days until Columbus Marathon….

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