Honey Stinger Winner

An update on the Honey Stinger Giveaway, we have a winner!

Congrats to Courtney! DM me your address and I’ll have these sent out right away.



It’s my last week before marathon training begins, and I’m still putting together the final touches on my schedule. As the day gets closer, I’m already starting to get nervous for the long runs. Any tips on what’s absolutely necessary for my training?

One thought on “Honey Stinger Winner

  1. cisforcourtney says:

    tips for marathon training…

    don’t get nervous for the long runs! be EXCITED for them! it will help carry you through. maybe even reward yourself after the ones over 18 miles. like a new running tank, socks, pair or shorts. everyone loves incentives!

    start your long runs EARLY. the latest i would ever start my long runs would be 7 am. that way, even if the run takes you a little longer than expected, you aren’t dying from the heat. i think i’m going to have to start mine at 6 this go round with the way the summer has been!

    find a rountine that works for you and stick to it for the LR’s. what you eat beforehand, what you eat during… even down to the brand & flavor. also pay attention to your “fueling schedule” like how often you take them, if you just drink water or if you use electrolyte replacements. if you plan on using what they have on the course, find out what they have so you can practice with it. you don’t want any tummy upsets!

    if you can find a friend that is somewhat close to your pace, have them join you! even if it’s only for a couple of miles.

    SPECTATORS! if there are people wanting to come watch you run the marathon, spread them out along the course. it gives you something to continuously look forward to.

    obviously, stretch stretch stretch.

    core work. apparently it makes you faster.

    the second 20 miler WILL be better than the first 20 miler. so don’t get discouraged!

    that’s all i’ve got right now! if i think of anything else i will let you know.

    ps: have you tried the honeystinger WAFFLES?! there is a new flavor out now! LEMON!!! <— ahhhh!

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