#marchphotoaday recap

Throughout the month of March I participated in the March photo a day challenge on instagram. I really enjoyed being creative and finding pictures to take everyday. Some of the words were easy, some were hard and some were just not something I wanted to find (one of the days was “trash”). I only missed three days, not bad. Here are my favorite pictures from the month…

Vermilion Lighthouse

Word: smile. Lighthouses make me smile.

Little Ralphie

Word: Animal. My wild little animal.

Country roads

Words: Where you relax. Running on the country roads in Wooster.

I had so much fun this month, I decided to do it again in April. I’ll be traveling every weekend, so I’m excited to see what kind of photos I can find while I’m out of town. So here’s the challenge:

If you want to see all of my challenge photos, just look me up! “Masher52”

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