Platte River Training: Week 12

Week 12. I can’t even believe how quick training has gone by. It’s hard to believe that I only have 4 more weeks until my first half of the year. And even after that point, it is a continuous roll of half after half!

This week was a little tougher than I anticipated. My legs felt tight during my first two shorter runs, but I’m pretty sure it was because they were still in shock from the hills of St. Malachi. Needless to say, I was able to stay around a 9 minute pace for both runs, I’m glad my body is adjusting to running faster. My weekend runs were both in Wooster this weekend, so I was able to change up the view and try my legs on even more hills.

Saturday I had my first uneasy encounter during a run. Wooster, as far as I’ve known has been pretty safe. I had no set pace or distance that I wanted to do, just wanted to shake out my legs and make sure they were ok with Sunday’s long run. I started down a country road across from Darren’s apartment. I felt great, managed some small hills and took in the beautiful views. On my way back in, I went through some housing developments, and this is where it turned weird. Every time I turned a corner, I had a car full of high school boys either following me or passing me. My guess was that this happened about 4-5 times, in two different developments. While I’m sure it was just a bunch of boys up to no good on a Saturday morning, it still bothered me, so I booked it home.

Sunday  I was ready for my long run, but more nervous for the hills, lots of hills, so 12 miles would be tough. I decided to split up my run so it wouldn’t be as over whelming. The goal was a 4 mile loop, refuel, 4 mile loop, refuel, 4 mile loop.  Well while this seemed like a great idea, no matter where I turned I had hills, so after mile 8, I split the last 4 in two so I could stretch and refuel. Unfortunately I didn’t quite make it to 12, just short of 11. But after all the hills, I knew my legs got a workout, they were begging for forgiveness a long time before I was finished. Overall it was a 9:43 pace, not bad for my first real hill experience of the year.

Hills anyone?

 2.68 Miles

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: 4.25 Miles

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 3.06 Miles

Sunday: 10.75 Miles

Hills and high school boys may have been my biggest obstacles this week, but overall I’m pretty pleased with how the week went. I know I should be doing more miles during the week, but I think what I’m doing is paying off.  I also made a decision on the Cleveland 10 Miler….and this year I’m going to pass. I’m pretty confident my legs will be exhausted after Colorado and Earth Day Half and I’ll end up not enjoying the race. But it is definitely on the calendar for 2013!

Four more weeks to go!

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