St. Malachi 5 Miler

I keep referring to 2012 as the year of the races, and this weekend proved just that. I had no idea what to expect from St. Malachi. All I heard was that it was tough and hilly, and the weather can be unpredictable. To top it off, nothing about this race was part of my normal race ritual. This meant no IcyHot, I had a pre-run Gu snack, and two different breakfast bars. The weather was perfect, and the race shirt actually fit me. So much for never trying anything new on race day…

I was even more excited that I got to see some pretty awesome running ladies. Kimi, Christie and I carpooled together and met up with Heather and an old Muskie friend, Melissa. This definitely made the race seem more fun, and my little bit of nerves instantly disappeared. Melissa volunteered to run the race with me and catch up since she now lives in Virginia. My first thought was that I’m not used to running with others, this could become an interesting race.

The first mile was so busy and I knew my pace could be off. But even while talking, we ran the first mile in a under 9:30. Decent pace, but hopefully talking doesn’t get to me and slow me down for the rest of the race. Second mile clocked in at 8:21. What is this pace? At this point I was concerned my body thought I was running a shorter distance, I knew I couldn’t keep this pace up for another three miles. Next up was mile three, 8:40. This mile included the half way mark and the water stop. We got slowed down with a falling runner and everyone stopping to get water, but this pace was still quicker than what I was used to. I don’t remember mile 4 time, but I do remember this is when the hills started really showing up. And they kept coming, was there an end in sight? We finally got to the bridge and I knew the end was just around the corner, it actually caught me off guard.  I crossed the line at 42:25. Umm, hello PR! I cut 5 minutes off my 5 mile time. I had no idea I had this kind of speed in me, I really don’t even know where it came from. I felt amazing afterward and I was even able to dominate the hills, thanks to Dover hill for all the practice this year.

Muskie race buddies!

So there we have it, first race of the year complete and it was a PR. 2012 year of the races? I think so. Next race is the Sole to Soul 5k on March 31st. I think by having a few races under my belt before Colorado, I’ll feel better about that race and the rest of the year. Everyone had a great St. Malachi race, so that means that everyone will have a great 2012 right? 🙂

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