Platte River Training: Week 10

Running is such a mental sport, and this week my mind was put to the test. I was lucky enough to get three runs in outside, something I’ve been craving now that its not completely dark outside when I get home from work. I used to semi enjoy the treadmill and could manage running on it every night, but I’ve mentally checked out of it. I can barely run 3 miles without getting bored, I feel like I’m not even moving.

Regardless of my endless fight with the treadmill, when my legs hit the pavement I’m running at a pace that creeps towards 9 minute mile pace. This is such  an amazing feeling. I’ve been stuck in my pace of 10 minute miles forever. Now I know my training is really paying off. I especially noticed this on Tuesday when I somehow found myself at 8:45 pace! I forgot I could even run this quick, and it gave me a glimmer of hope that one day I may find my old college friend, 7:30 pace.

For the most part, this week went well. I was under 10 minute pace for two full runs and half of my long run. I didn’t have any pain in my arch until Sunday, and I didn’t need to use tape. Thursday was my treadmill downer day, but I’m determined to get through the rest of the few treadmill runs I’ll have to do. Sunday was my biggest challenge. I knew I had to do 11, and after last week’s long run, I wanted to make this one better. The first half was great, I had a 9:10 pace (probably too fast for the distance) and the snow wasn’t too bad. About half way in, I started feeling dehydrated and thirsty, Gu helped, but I was pretty sure I was going to get sick a few times. I kept telling myself that this is probably what Colorado will feel like, but worse. If I can mentally push through these few rough workouts I can definitely enjoy those easy long runs….someday.

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 3.86 Miles

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 2 Miles

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 3.56 Miles

Sunday: 10.84 Miles

This week is race week! Saturday is St.Malachi, my first race of the year. I’m a little nervous, because I haven’t raced a 5 miler in years, and I’ve heard it’s a tough course. Hope it’s fun!

And don’t forget I’m running for Team JDRF  for the Cleveland half marathon this year. My race is dedicated to those who are affected by Type 1 Diabetes.

One thought on “Platte River Training: Week 10

  1. mojamala2 says:

    Can’t wait to seeyou at Malachi!!!! IT is a hilly course but the last mile is pretty much down hill (once you get to the top of the superior bridge, you go downhill to W. 25th, then down into the flats to finish) 🙂

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