Platte River Training: Week 9

Week nine and I’m back! This week went so well, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. It’s now down to the final seven weeks. How is race day coming so quickly? My two biggest goals this week were to run without pain, and to create a workout room in my apartment. I started the week with smaller mileage so not to stir up any problems, I also made sure to tape my arch for extra support.

“Don’t worry, I got this.”

The tape worked pretty well. I had a little pain throughout the week, mostly after a long day on my feet, but it didn’t bother my running. I felt confident enough that I’m better (knock on wood) to finally register for St. Malachi. This means there are only two weeks until the first race of 2012!

Monday: 3 Miles

Tuesday: 3 Miles

Wednesday: 4 Miles

Thursday: Rest Day

Friday: Sick 😦

Saturday: 3 Miles

Sunday: 11 Miles (Morning: 8, Afternoon: 3)

A pretty low key week until Sunday. I ran with my childhood neighbor, who was nice enough to go at a slower pace for me. However, he’s been in California for a year and a half, so what better time to catch up than while running….I struggled with this run at some points. I’ve been training alone so I’m not used to going back and forth on paces. I’m also not used to talking and running. Needless to say I had to cut it short to just 8 miles. I was determined to hit 11, so I did the last three later in the afternoon, at a 9:10 pace. Where was this pace earlier? And where did it come from? Training is paying off, it just decides when to show up.

So I survived a week with minimal pain, one goal accomplished. Second goal, I transferred part of my living room into a workout room.



Not much, but it’s a start. And unfortunately no treadmill. But I can be a little more productive in my own living room, instead of the gym with everyone around. Plus, I have the perfect spot for my new bag that I won from Jess and Ellie!

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