Platte River Training: Week 3

It felt great to be back in my element and able to follow my training my plan this week. Even though it’s only been three weeks, I’m definitely noticing some changes. I might even be a little fond of the treadmill. I’m also starting to see some definition in my legs, which I know will only make me stronger as my training goes on. I decided that I’ll be lifting three times a week: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. I’m hoping I’ll be able to tone my arms and hopefully gain a little bit of muscle. I’m really happy with using the Runner’s World Smart Coach app, I feel like I have complete control of my training, but I have a plan that will push me a little bit so I can get better each week. Here’s week 3:

Monday: 5 Miles Easy

Tuesday: Rest Day

Wednesday: 5 Mile Tempo Run

Thursday: 4 Miles Easy

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: Skiing

Sunday: 9 Miles Easy

I had to change my weekend run plans for a skiing day, but it was definitely worth it. My Sunday run was a cold one. Halfway through I couldn’t feel my hands and I was starting to get sore, so I shortened my loop and finished the final miles on the treadmill. So far it’s the farthest run since Columbus. I have no doubt in my mind I’ll physically be ready for Colorado. I’m still trying to figure out how I can possibly prepare myself for the altitude change, but I think that’s something I’ll have to learn when I get there.

This next week I’ll be in Toronto Tuesday-Friday. I’m hoping to follow my training plan as best as a I can. I’m also hoping to get an outside run in so I can get a view of the city. It will be my first time in Toronto, should be very exciting!

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