Platte River Training: Week 2

This week of training was interesting to say the least. I knew going in it would be challenging getting all of my miles in, unfortunately I didn’t get in as many as I had hoped, but my body did get a workout. This past week I spent a majority of my days in Vegas. I was on my feet from 8am-9pm, so by no means was I lazy.

Monday: 1.5 miles and lifting

Tuesday: Rest day

Wednesday: 5.5 miles-bike

Thursday: None

Friday: Rest day

Saturday: 4.5 miles

Sunday: Rest day

Luckily the day I flew in and back home were rest days, so I didn’t miss much there. Wednesday and Thursday were the busiest days, and for my own safety I decided not to run on the strip when it was dark. I was able to get a bike workout in one of the mornings, which felt good, I’ll be looking forward to more of these. I’d say it is safe to say I walked at least 10 miles a day, between walking from the hotel, to the conference center, to walking around our booth from 10am-5:30pm each day. I had to cut down my Saturday run because my body was still sore from being on my feet all week. But I was able to catch a nice view on my run.

Beautiful CLE

I’m really glad this hectic week was so early in training, I didn’t have too much to lose. This next week I’ll be home so I’m planning on really pounding the pavement. I also registered for three of my half marathons this week, Earth Day Challenge Half, Cleveland Half, and Mount Desert Island Half!

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