Platte River Training: Week 1

The first official week of training for the Platte River Half is done! Two weeks ago I was getting back in to simple base miles. This past week I ran farther and faster than I thought I would this early into training. It’s given me the confidence to know that if I can start this well, there is no doubt in my mind about the 26.2 that will be approaching in 10 months. I also ran my first training run with Gu, and finally got my foam roller. One week down and 15 to go until I’m off to Denver!

Monday: Rest (had to switch with Tuesday after too much holiday cheer)

Tuesday: 4 Miles-Treadmill

Wednesday: 3 Miles (1.5 Mile Tempo)

Thursday: 4.5 Miles

Friday: Rest

Saturday:  8 Miles

Sunday: Rest

This next week month will be interesting and could hamper some of my training. I’ll be traveling 4 of the next 5 weeks, from Vegas to Canada to way down south in Texas. My goal is to follow the schedule as best as I can, but with standing for at least 6 hours a day and a crazy schedule, I can’t promise anything. Sorry feet, but you won’t be happy any time soon.

Happy, freckle feet

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