Straight down that country road

As much as I love the west side, I spend many weekends in the city of Wooster. Most people think that Wooster is just a small town in the middle of no where. Well, you’re right. But it also has a lot to offer. Passing through on 83 you’ll see the regular franchises, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Red Lobster, etc. But if you take time to go down town, to the old down town, you’ll find another part of Wooster that comes alive on the weekends. Fall, winter and spring bring out all the college students, but they aren’t too much of a bother. So if you happen to pass Wooster any time, here are a few places I definitely suggest!

The Faithful Little Cupcake: I just found this little gem over the weekend, but I happen to love cupcakes so I was quite alright with it. They offer 12 fresh flavors each day and they’re all hard to resist. Not only do they have cupcakes, but they have cakes of all sizes and flavors. Best thing about the shop, they have cupcakes all day, and don’t run out as soon as they open!

City Square Steakhouse: This is a two for one. The steakhouse is a great place for dinner, expensive dinner. But it is well worth every penny. They also have a great bar with a huge TV for all you sport fans. It’s a classy place to go for drinks after dinner out on the town.

SoMar Wine Cellars: A newer place to Wooster, SoMar has every kind of wine that you could possibly think of. Choose from either inside or outside seating, comfy couches or curl up next to the fireplace. They also have local artists that come in and play on the weekends. It was definitely perfect for those cool summer nights.

Broken Rocks Cafe: This is my absolute favorite place. They have the best pasta, and best drinks. Hello carb load! Not to mention it’s a great atmosphere. They even have a private room in the back if you’re looking to have a party.

Of course there are other great places in Wooster to check out, but these are my top favorites!

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