Akron, Are you ready for some Muskies?

Saturday will be race weekend number three in a row. This one is a little different though. Saturday is the Akron Marathon, but I’ll be running the relay race with four other Muskie Alums. I’m really excited about this because the last time I ran a relay was in college, when I ran the 4 x mile relay. This will be a little different, and just a bit longer. I’ll be running the second leg, 5.7 miles, and apparently it’s the hilliest…why didn’t someone warn me, hills aren’t my friends!

I originally wanted to run Akron as a half, but when I asked for advice on if this was a good race to run, I was easily persuaded to join a relay team that consisted of some Muskie ladies, Kimi, Molly, Jen, and Jessica. Our team, MC Party of 5, is honoring the old name of Muskingum College, now known as Muskingum University. What makes this even more exciting is that being the youngest of the group, I’ve never actually met any of these Muskies except for Molly, who I briefly met at the Cleveland Marathon Expo. They all graduated before I started, so I’m definitely the baby of the group. But the great thing about a Muskie, is that when you find a fellow alum, you instantly have that special connection. It should be a good weekend and I hoping to learn more about everyone…GO MUSKIES!!!

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