How do you train?

My River Run recap proved just how little I trained and was able to get through a half marathon. But my time wasn’t good enough for what I wanted to accomplish. I started using the Runner’s World Smart Coach training app on my phone. Unfortunately I didn’t stick to it as much as I had liked, but I’m planning on using it for the Columbus Half. The things I like best about it include:

  • Easy to modify for your pace/distance of race/length of training time
  • The weeks are laid out so you know exactly what you’ll be doing throughout the whole training period
  • Change up of base miles/workouts/tempo runs
  • Glossary of terms for beginning runners

I’m hoping that by using the training app, I’ll be able to bring down my time on the half marathon, and I can use it for other future races.

What training methods do you use? Any suggestions?

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