Call me Crazy…

Friends, family and coworkers have called me crazy for running a half marathon. They ask what’s chasing you to make you run that far. Why would you want to run any distance remotely close to that. I must be crazy, but aren’t all runners?

Thinking back to May, a few days before my first half, I was a nervous wreck. I had nightmares and would panic every time I thought of running 13.1 miles at one time. But here I am, two days away from my second half marathon, the River Run Half Marathon, and I’m in a completely different mind frame. I know what to expect and I know how I’m going to feel. But I also know how great it will be to cross that finish line and say I ran 13.1 miles. Again.

I’m not in as good as shape as I’d like to be. The whole Mastick knee incident put a small hiccup in my training, but I’m not going to let that get me down on Sunday. I haven’t decided on a time either. I don’t have enough half marathons under my belt to really tell what a good time is going to be for me to aim towards. However, I’m really excited for the race. It’s through the Cleveland Metro Parks, which I love. And it’s on the 10th anniversary of 9/11, so I can guarantee it’s going to be a very special race. I’ll be wearing my red and white shorts along with my blue shirt to show my support.

So if you happen to be wide awake Sunday from 8-10am and have nothing else to do, come on down to the metro parks and support your favorite runner 😉

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