Just a night in the country

Living in the suburbs of Cleveland for most of my life, I have to say I didn’t think I’d ever be at a wedding on a farm. But I spent a few weeks each summer growing up in the country visiting my relatives when I was younger, so it was a nice reminder of where my family came from. This is number four of five weddings, and number one of two on a farm. One of Darren’s closest friends from College of Wooster had their wedding in Louisville outside of Canton, and it was absolutely beautiful. The ceremony was outside (and hot) but the reception was inside a barn. It was gorgeous and nothing what I had expected. We also had surprise guests…some cows in the field next door. But it was a beautiful time and I wish them the best!

With the lovely bride and groom

In a week and a half we have our final wedding of the summer to go to, then start the races!

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