Moving On Up

I apologize for being a horrible blogger. I’ve tried to write posts multiple times, but this time I plan to finish it. This past month has been crazy, and here’s the best way to break it down.

  • I started my new job and LOVE it. I get to go to California next month for work…yes!
  • I’m one semester away from having my MBA!!
  • I’m really excited for the fall because I have some amazing races coming up…..and I’ll actually stick to the race calendar this time
  • I’ve moved into my new apartment, which is fantastic, and is only a few minutes from the city where I grew up so I’m back in familiar grounds
  • I’ve finally found some great running tanks for summer (Target & Nike) I don’t like to run in shirts, so this is a first šŸ™‚
  • I’m really sad about Borders closing. I loved going there for hours, so I had to stock up on some running books before the doors are shut.
  • I’m doing the WooMan Tour this fall, the 20 mile, in Wooster. Everyone should do this, make a weekend out of it, I know some great places to eat down there!

I’m hoping that I will pick things up again in the blogging area of my life. Things are slowing down a bit, but exciting things are right around the corner!


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