Once a Muskie…

Always a Muskie. I’m proud to be a Muskie and I’m sure there are a few readers who would agree. Many people have never heard of Muskingum or can even pronounce it. One of the best things I’ve found from going to Muskingum are the friendships. Sure everyone has their college friends they still keep in touch with, but there’s a special connection coming from a small school. I’ve ran into random people who went to Muskingum, and you instantly connect. You can pretty much talk about anything, and usually find out you both know many of the same people, even if you graduated years apart. Another bonus, I walked uphill both ways to class in snow. I could go on and on about Muskingum, but it’s just something you have to experience for yourself.

While I’m on this Muskie kick, I got to spend some quality time with some of my favorite Muskies this weekend. Not only did we live together on campus, but we ran those crazy hills together. We headed on over to Legacy Village for some Cheesecake Factory, I’m not a fan of cheesecake, but I’m a fan of food. It’s great to catch up with these girls and know they’ll always be an important part of my life!

These are Muskies

These are Muskies

These, are also Muskies

2 thoughts on “Once a Muskie…

  1. Holly @ RUST BELT RUNNER says:

    I actually applied there and got in but didn’t attend. Sadly as to my recollection the only reason I applied was because the application was free! Bad I know, but at least I’m honest. Other schools were like $30 per app.

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