Runner Needed, Apply Within

Looking into my race calendar, I may need to make some changes. I was supposed to do the Winking Lizard with Darren, the two mile event, but he found out this weekend that there happens to be a bachelor party the same day as the race. I don’t blame him for picking the party, I’m even jealous he gets to go white water rafting. This means I won’t have anyone to do the two mile event with. So if anyone would like to be my partner, it’s only two miles, let’s get started! 🙂

I’m also looking at how my July races are shaping up. Changes, which of one I’ll reveal later on will be making July super busy for me. All of my free time will be spent packing, something I hate doing. July is my moving month, woohoo! Pretty sure I’ve been waiting for this for some time. This shouldn’t change too much, but it could put the July 9th race as a day of decision. Good news is that the rest of the races on the calendar should be staying put.

Small post, but nothing too exciting. This weekend was Columbus part two, actually Marion. Great time and I’m looking forward to heading back down again. Also for all of you that love food, there’s a place in Waldo (near Marion) that has famous bologna sandwiches. So next time you happen to find Waldo, pun intended, check out the G&R Tavern.

Andddd this time next week I’ll be on my way to North Carolina! Countdown begins….

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