Columbus, let’s play!

For the next couple of weekends, I’ll be leaving the beautiful shores of Lake Erie to head to Columbus. All of which, I’m looking forward to, knowing they’ll lead up to my big trip to North Carolina!

First, I’ve completed my list of the 25 half marathons I’m going to be doing! The next challenge comes with organizing when I’m going to run these. April and October are full months, so I know these will have to be done each year. Other than that I have no schedule, except for a few races I’d like to do next year. 2012 race tab will be up soon!

Second, the Tour de Cure comes to Columbus this weekend! I’m not riding because I have a a final in the morning, but Darren’s sister (Nicole) is riding the 100 mile century ride. Yep, 100 miles. I’ve give her so much credit for doing this, and for a great cause.

Third, the class of 2011 graduates from the Ohio State University Sunday. Not only is Nicole riding in the Tour de Cure this weekend, but she is graduating from OSU on Sunday. Big weekend for her!

So this weekend will be busy, but fun. And I’m hoping to get some runs in at new places. As well as a congrats to all 2011 graduates πŸ™‚

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