>10 miles is well….10 miles

>I completed my first and only long run before the half marathon. Stupid for waiting this long to get a long run in, but honestly, I can’t do those for fun. I have mixed thoughts on the run and post run, so let me break it down for you.

The weather was almost perfect for running, sunny, mid 50’s, but the wind was cold and in some spots, I had to fight against it. The first half was great, except knowing in the back of my mind, this was going to take a very long time. I started to feel great and knew it would be worth it once I finished. But then on the way back in, my body started to question what I was doing, cramping up in my side and legs, I took many moments to stretch.

Seeing my car in the distance after what seemed like hours of being gone, I had the adrenaline to finish strong, even though my body wanted to shut down. I finished, and felt relieved, I did it. What an accomplishment. I had run 10.8 before….in a foot of snow, where my body was numb. But after feeling every ligament, muscle and tendon in my body, I knew I worked hard, and would feel the effects.

I made sure to drink water and gatorade after and decided it was worth it to break my carb diet with a chocolate and strawberry crepe. I did work off all those calories 🙂 My legs felt like jello, my knees sore ( as they are after anything longer than 3 miles) and it felt great to sit in my car.

I feel better knowing what to expect, not only from the run itself, it’s going to be long, hard work, but it will feel great when I’m finished. I know my legs will be jello and I’ll be sore the next day. But I’m not as nervous anymore. I know I can do this, running is my thing.

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