>Nightmares, nerves and the unknown

>It’s hard to believe that in 10 days I’ll be running the most important race I’ve ever done. It’s starting to get to me. Every time I think about the race, my stomach starts to turn, I feel like I’m going to throw up and I panic. I get this feeling at the beginning of every race I do, usually only on the starting line though. Now, with under two weeks until the race, I get this feeling multiple times a day. It’s even starting to get to me in my sleep. I have nightmares of being at the race and it keeps getting delayed or I’m not in the right running clothes. Hard to run a race without your clothes, unless you’re the naked man in the Flying Pig race  this past weekend in Cincy.

My biggest fear is the unknown. No clue if I can do this or how I’m going to feel during the race. I got a treadmill workout in yesterday. Pushed myself, trying to find which pace I could keep for the whole race. I found my pace, slower than what many would like to be doing a half marathon in, but honestly, I just want to finish. 10 days left, and I’m all for the carbo load. I’ve picked up multiple sports drinks that I plan on using before the race. Here on out its a pasta diet, my favorite part of running.

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