>I Love Metro Parks

>By having the metro parks at the foot of my doorstep, I’ve come to appreciate them a lot more than I used to. I’ve decided to give my top five reasons why metro parks are better to run than streets.

1. The trails are completely peaceful, it’s quite compared to cars driving back so you’re able to relax and think.
2. Nature, looking at the nature is wonderful, I’ve seen so many wild animals, including a bald eagle, compared to roadkill.
3. Dirt trails, it’s great to get on the trails, really helps the legs, and they’re fun to get lost on
4. No talking cross walks, I discovered these, and it is not the first thing you want to hear when catching your breath before crossing the street, real creepy
5. No audience, when I’m running on the streets, I hate when cars go by and beep their horns. I almost all of the time feel that I’m picking up my pace when cars go by. I’m able to keep a better pace when no one is watching.

Update: Great runs these past couple of days, hard long miles that I know are going to help me get to that 8 mile mark. I’ve been in the mood to go further, but I don’t want to hurt myself by overdoing things if I’m not ready. Only 30 days left!

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