>I’m in love….with running

>I’m back, and not only with this blog, but with running. I’ve been consumed with papers, projects, meetings and everything else under the sun. Unfortunately, not running. But that needs to change, 58 days left after all. That number still seems so far away.

Yesterday was beautiful out. About 45 degrees with sun. I can thank daylight savings for that one. I felt good, and it gave me time to think. I was also able to pull out a good distance and pace after not running for almost two weeks. I must say, having the metro parks outside my doorstep will make training so much better now that the weather is nice. It’s pretty much the reason I decided on my apartment.

I also thought about my blogging. I don’t have to blog only after a workout. I’m going to start blogging about more of my running, past, present, future, and things involved around running. Who knows, maybe I’ll even start to love blogging.

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