>Treadmills are for runners?

>Back to the cold weather and that means back to the treadmill. While our workout room is tiny and doesn’t have that many machines, I have been grateful when I can get to the treadmill. Apparently it was the hot machine for the night because people were making up random things to do just to pass the time until a machine was empty.

One of my pet peeves in races are those who sprint and then walk, again and again, and you can never get around them. I just found something worse. Constant changing of movement on treadmills  can be distracting. The man next to me would sprint for about two minutes and then walk five, over and over. Treadmills can’t go from walking to sprinting very fast, so to me this feels like you are making your body ache more. Once he was done, a girl came over and would switch from the treadmill to the elliptical every couple of minutes, completely defeating the purpose of working out. If you’re going to work out, stick with one thing for a decent amount of time to get a benefit from it.

20 minutes on the treadmill last night, hoping to get to 25 on Wednesday night. Time means much more than distance on a treadmill.

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