>Only in Ohio can you have all four seasons in a weekend

>This past weekend was a very successful one, the exact training that I needed. Friday was bound to be a day that I needed to run, but because it was just a few flakes short of a blizzard, I didn’t think I would be running, let alone going anywhere. We shut down our office early, so after digging out my car, which became an exercise in itself, I was able to get home and got ready to run. There were three college guys in there, as they didn’t have classes because of the weather. And I’m pretty sure they hadn’t showered since the morning before. I got on the bike while the treadmills were full. After 5 minutes on the bike, just enough to loosen up, the room was empty. I did the treadmill for 15, and I felt ok. Didn’t feel great, but glad I was there.

Saturday the streets were clear and it wasn’t too cold. I ran with another Muskingum Alumni, we ran to the college to see the OAC Championship meet. There weren’t really any sidewalks, and drivers thought we were crazy for running outside, even on the road. It felt nice to get outside and run compared to the treadmill staring at the mirror the whole time. And of course, what better way to finish a run, but to get some pancakes.

Took yesterday off, my legs were a little sore, but the weather for the next couple of days looks promising, ok, by now, anything above 30 looks good in my book. Is it spring yet?

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