>Snow doesn’t have to slow you down

>For many people, these past few days have been cold, windy, and covered in snow. The snow storm that had 29 states issue warnings came and went, and now we are stuck with even more snow. Growing up in Ohio, specifically Cleveland area, this is something that you get used to. We get tons of snow, usually half from the lake, and half from storms like the past few days. Unfortunately, we had inches of ice that made walking, driving, and even running a challenge. I chose to stay inside to workout, like always in the winter, but I do have suggestions for those of you who like to run outside in the winter. I strongly believe in YakTrax. Yes, go ahead and look it up if you aren’t familiar with them. They are one of the best inventions for runners. They are rubber bottoms that include coils on bottom to protect you from ice and snow. YakTrax can be used for running, walking, hiking, and are for all ages, both men and women. They come in many colors, but I have the bright yellow/greenish ones, that even glow in the dark! So slight obsession with them, I used them all the time in high school in college. Below I attached a picture of what they look like, they can be found online and many running catalogs. Give them a try!

So back to training. I was in the mood last night to run on the treadmill, a first, right. But someone was using our only one. So I went with the bike, I can’t complain. I got in 6 miles, at a 14.2 mile pace. Not bad, my pace is getting faster, so I’m hoping this will help me start up with the running. I’m working on my training schedule and will share it soon. Only 100 days until the half marathon!

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