>Consistently Inconsistent

>I was finally able to get into the workout room last night. I decided on the bike, I knew with my inconsistency that this wouldn’t make me want to stop in 5 minutes. I started off with listening to some Anberlin, my favorite music, and really got going. Within a matter of 25 minutes, I had gone 6 miles, and was biking at a 14.2 mile average speed. It felt great. Looking back to last summer, the fact that I did a 30 mile bike ride with no training, I should be able to do a 13.1 run with training. It’s just the fact of actually doing it.

After this, I attempted the one machine I could easily go without. I hate the treadmill, but because I was the only one in there, I tried it without being too embarrassed. Bad idea, my legs were tired from biking, and I was mentally breaking myself down with not being in shape. I did 10 minutes, decided that was enough.

Upside to all of this, I was able to bike 6 miles, and run 10 minutes (as of now, its more of the time than the mileage) and ate a pound of pasta without any guilt 🙂

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