>Biking, Bowling and Football

>It was a long week. I was still sore from snowboarding until Friday, but I knew it was good for me. I had a busy weekend, but I was able to get a workout in. Friday after work I went straight downstairs and biked for 25 minutes, ending with 5.3 miles, not bad, and I felt great. Biking is going to be my starting point. It still takes a lot, but I can ease into it without feeling I failed on the treadmill. Although I love running, I could easily take a day of biking over hitting the treadmill. This past summer I did the Tour de Cure for Diabetes, biked the 30 mile moderate. It felt great, who knew I’d be able to bike 30 miles in a few hours.

Friday night I did some bowling, not really a workout, but it was good for my arms. I was sore Saturday from biking. Although I live in Ohio, I am not a big fan of the Bengals or the Browns, but yes the Packers. I, however, was one of the three Green Bay fans at BW3’s on Saturday night, but I was definitely showing my team spirit. Green Bay Packers advance!

Hoping to get some good workouts in this week, we’ll see how it goes….

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