>New Challenges

>Yesterday I tried something that I honestly never thought I would do. I bundled up in the 20 degree weather, thankfully it was sunny, and headed to the ski resort to battle the “mountains” as they appeared to me. Standing there I thought there was no way I was going to be able to snowboard. I cross country ski, which is great, and safe, so this was going to be a challenge. My boyfriend (Darren) is obsessed with snowboarding, he learned in the Swiss Alps while he lived in Germany for a year. To say the least, these mountains of mine were small bumps for him. Luckily for me, he had patience and spent most of the day teaching me. I fell many times, and so did others all around me, I didn’t feel left out with my lack of experience. After a bad spill and frustrating thoughts, I had decided I was done for the day and wanted to give him time to enjoy being out there. Here I was struggling with the easiest slope, and he doing jumps on the black diamonds.

Today I can feel every muscle in my body, struggling to move fast. Even my fingers are swollen, which I did not know could happen. But I had so much fun.¬† I was trying something completely out of my comfort level, but also doing something that Darren enjoyed as well. The hardest thing was accepting that I wasn’t going to be great my firs time out. Running comes naturally to me. No matter how long I take off, I can come back and get back in the groove. This was going to take some time to get the hang of, even though I was apparently doing as well as any beginner. It’s harder for me to accept something that I can’t get right away, I’m used to working hard and succeeding, not failing right away.

While I’m supposed to be running and training for this half marathon, I see these opportunities as ways to get my body in shape without hurting too bad. I still have plenty of time, but if I’m able to use fun ways of getting back into shape and maintaining it, I’ll take that. That’s part of the fun when I choose cross training activities. Biking is my absolute number one, but this could get up on the list. I plan on taking a few days to let my body recover and then get back in the workout room. I will be trying snowboarding again, I just need a week to get back on the board.

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