>Easier said than done…

>As I expected this blog and working out haven’t been a daily thing, but I can’t completely blame it on a lack of motivation. I’ve had a migraine for the past three days, and for anyone who has experienced these, you don’t want to do anything. So I’ll start up again tomorrow.

I live in an apartment building that has a small workout room. And when I say small, I mean two stationary bikes, one treadmill and two elliptical machines. Now this wasn’t a huge deal when I moved in, it was summer and I live near the metro parks, perfect location. But since I am unable to run outside in the cold weather (40 and below my back stiffens beyond comfort) I have to deal with what I have. I have the ability to work out at the local college, as I’m getting my MBA, I can go there for free. As for now, I just want to get into a regular routine so I can at least say I’m on my way. I’ve been alternating between the stationary bike and the elliptical, hoping to get to the treadmill soon. This next week I really plan to step it up.

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